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A threshold moment in human evolution


#hey itunes instead of making all of us get the u2 album how about make a skip to nicki’s verse button  

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Royal Botanical Garden, London
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Free Your Spirit 
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attention all vegetarians


a lot of people don’t know that mcdonalds fries contain beef in them and mcdonalds has been sued a long time ago for this but it’s still happening!!

the company says the “natural flavor” on the fries include beef flavoring

the official ingredients on the mcdonalds website for their french fries specifically says “natural beef flavoring”

even if you’re not a vegetarian or already know this, please reblog this and let people know 

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All my life coldly and sadly the days have gone by i who dreamed wildly and madly am happy to dieLong since my heart has been breaking its pain is past, a time has been set to it’s aching peace comes at last

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David Wojnarowicz wore this jacket in 1988, just 4 years before he’d ultimately die from AIDS. Sadly, just a few years ago some of his artistic work was censored at the Smithsonian. People in power are still content to try and erase his history and the continued struggles of people with AIDS

everyone everywhere please please please reblog this important artist. 
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 Oswaldo Guayasamin
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In other news, this is one of my favorite Twitter happenings to date. 
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